Effective e-Learning Support for Any Learning Platform

An integral part of launching a successful online program is having the assurance that your learners, educators, and staff will be able to confidently progress in their studies and productively interact with their online courses.

While many LMS systems are intuitively designed and may feature some general help documentation, our experience has shown that when it comes to working within their e-Learning course, some users need a little more help than others.

And that’s where we come in. Our expert e-Learning support services provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your learners and staff are getting the accurate individual e-Learning support they need regardless of how advanced or basic their inquiries are.

Our LMS support professionals can provide customized, accurate e-Learning support for open-source and proprietary LMS systems

Our expert team can support practically any system but we invite you to Contact Us for more details on how we can support your specific LMS

Administrator LMS Support & Training Done Right

In ensuring that you get the most out of your LMS platform, we also provide expert administrator level LMS support and Training.

Your appointed system administrators will learn everything they need to manage and navigate within the system and can contact our dedicated e-Learning support professionals for assistance when the need arises.

Some examples of common topics we cover and help with include:

  • User account administration
  • Course administration
  • Log and report generation
  • Grades and progress tracking
  • Changing learning content settings
  • System navigation