Revenue Assurance Service at Digital Jewels
Today, the global economic realities whereby businesses are increasingly under pressure from all stakeholders (shareholders, regulators, suppliers, employees, etc.) to show improved performance despite the continual increase in the cost of doing business requires stringent assessment of revenue streams to plug leakages and ensure that the revenue is accurate, complete and timely.

Revenue assurance, already a widely-adopted practice in several sectors, has never been more relevant than today. Our painstaking approach provides an expert combination of well tested techniques, state of the art tools and skilled analysts to ensure your revenue streams are adequately protected from leakages and optimally stream-lined for enhanced competitiveness.

Where Are Your Pain Points?

  • Billing accuracy, completeness and other inherent issues.
  • Business application complexities with attending gaps that has culminated into huge financial leakages.
  • Emerging technologies and ever increasing new product complexities.
  • Achieving revenue assurance maturity capability for improved predictability and profitability
  • An ad-hoc approach which fails to take a holistic view of your Revenue Cycle and its peculiarities

How Digital Jewels would improve your bottom line
In view of the inherent benefits of Revenue Assurance, Digital Jewels Ltd has bespoke offerings that would assist organizations in sectors of the economy to gain maximum benefit. Our offerings are available to help you remain competitive and to protect and optimise profit in a competitive world. Our services include

  • Initial on-site assessments to help dimension your environment and determine where potential revenue losses are likely to occur.
  • Process optimization that is agile, learnable, scalable and would be transferred to internal resources to guarantee sustainability.
  • Analytics-driven revenue assurance/revenue finder that would uncover the root causes of revenue leakages across the revenue cycle and embed preventive mechanisms in your processes and systems to provide long-term sustainability.
  • Rationalizing and automating “key” controls to build and maintain cost-effective controls throughout the revenue cycle.
  • An end-to-end approach for auditing the delivery and activation of services in complex environments. Assure your revenues in a multiple vendor and multiple technologies environment.

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