At Digital Jewels, we believe that the present and future of effective learning lies in technology solutions. We have therefore invested hugely in technology-enabled learning solutions to give our esteemed clients the right value for money.

We offer a comprehensive and integrated digital learning solution comprising

  • LMS deployment, customisation and support
  • Course development and conversion
  • On the counter (OTC) e-learning courses
  • Virtual Classroom & Webinars, and
  • e-Learning Advisory Services

We provide expert advice, install and configure Learning management systems and deploy online learning solutions for individuals and corporate organisations. We have a rich track record in West Africa and are making a good foray to other parts of Africa. We provide expert advice, configure Learning Management Systems (LMS), develop and deliver online learning programs for individuals and corporate organizations to enhance learners’ skills, competence and ensure continuous professional development.

Our e-learning processes and methods

We adopt a model for Continuing Professional Development (CDP). We work closely with subject matter experts to understand prospective learners needs to meet a desired goal. Our method encourages a platform where students are either made to work independently or collaboratively as a group to accomplish a given task or activity in form of learning exercises, games, assessments, quizzes and custom scenarios to reinforce learning. Our methods are learner-centred such that courses are taken at one’s pace offline or partly online while providing useful resources for viewing or downloading.

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Content Conversion Process

Our content conversion process follows either the SAM [Successive Approximation Model] or ADDIE [Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate] Instructional design model based on the nature of the project we receive. Nonetheless, each model share a common process which begins with receiving the material, analysing the material, identifying the target audience, understanding the learning outcome and carefully crafting and designing the course to meet the needs of the target learners.

Our dedicated team of e-learning professionals ensure that every content converted adopts active learning method where learners are engaged from the beginning of the course to the end.

Meet Maarifa: Our Learning Management System

Maarifa LMS is our bespoke online learning application designed to provide comprehensive solution for e-learning content management and human performance management. It is SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) complaint and can be scaled to support the needs of small to large user database. Because of its flexibility and scalability, Maarifa can be adapted for use across education, corporate, government, business and non-profit context etc.

Maarifa features:
– Skill and Competency Assessment
– Extensive Reporting Engine
– Enhanced Security and Privacy
– Seamless integration with active directory, external databases etc,
– Multimedia Integration (supports audio and video content, simulations)
– e-conferencing, role based access, e-library
– User and Group Management
– Direct Learning Paths
– Notifications and all-in-one calendar

With Maarifa LMS, you have a comprehensive management suite where content, performance, skills, competence and development can be managed and monitored with detailed reporting from a single source. Also, Information can be accessed anywhere and on different devices concurrently by multiple users while ensuring consistency in the delivery of the content and evaluation of each learner.