Penetration Testing

Whilst leveraging on our extensive knowledge, research, understanding and use of tools, techniques, standards, and our numerous assignments on Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT) for financial institutions, telecommunication industry and government parastatals in Nigeria, we propose a holistic and cost-effective approach towards addressing the objective of your specific needs. We focus on establishing the areas of security weaknesses, defects or flaws within the organization`s information system with a view to promptly mitigate these vulnerabilities with appropriate countermeasures and controls in order to achieve an improved information security posture. Our approach includes:
  • Conducting vulnerability assessment to ascertain the inherent weaknesses within your organization`s information system.
  • Conducting penetration test to ascertain and exploit, based on the detected vulnerabilities using best practice approach and methodologies.
  • Conduct of a stress and load test to determine the applications vulnerable performance capability.
  • Submission of concise reports on Key findings and observations and Risk-based vulnerability remediation plan with an actionable roadmap and indicative timelines.