Business Continuity Management

Thinking of adopting the Business Continuity standard (ISO 22301)?

Talk to Digital Jewels Limited today. Our experience in sub-Saharan Africa over the years in IT GRC consultancy spans banking, telecommunications, oil and gas servicing and government agencies, establishing our firm as a clear leader in Business Continuity Management Systems design

Why Business Continuity:

No matter where you work or what security you have in place, there is a potential for “downside risk” [something unexpected to happen]. Everyday somewhere around the world, dangerous things happen:

  • Kidnaps
  • Insurgence
  • Cyber crime
  • Power failures
  • Security attacks
  • Technological failures
  • Reputational damage
  • Natural and Infrastructures disasters
  • Failure of Key dependencies /third party arrangements
  • Mass workforce absenteeism due to pandemics or civil unrest

We may not be able to stop disasters (man-made or natural) from happening but we can prepare for them. Trend analysis tells us that failure to develop Business continuity capabilities will have a devastating effect on organizations who fail to do so in this times.

How We Can Help:

Digital Jewels Limited will work with you to prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis by building a reliable, pragmatic and long lasting business continuity program.

Digital Jewels Key Service Offerings in Business Continuity Management Comprise:

  • BCM Trainings
  • BCM Audits/review
  • BCMS development
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Continuity Testing & Facilitation
  • Disaster recovery management development
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) maturity assessment
  • Business Continuity certification (ISO22301 Certification assistance)

Where We Can Help:

Whether you are starting afresh, have existing continuity capabilities or with suave continuity capabilities, we can take you to the next level.

We can help asses existing capabilities and build a pragmatic programme to meet every business continuity programme requirements:

  • Cyber Resilience
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Third Party Assurance
  • BC Audit & Gap Assessment
  • Towards a resilient Organization
  • Crisis Management planning & Communication
  • Outage Scenario Planning e.g. vendor, premise, staff
  • Building crisis ready Executives / Top Management
  • Anti- Kidnap Coping & Prevention Strategic Planning
  • ISO 22301 Certification to meet Regulatory Requirements

Our Differentiator:

  • Experience and track Record: We have helped numerous clients get their ISO 22301 certification. our continuity practise comprises of ISO 22301, Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI), British Continuity Institute (BCI) and BS 25999 professionals who have led organizations develop business continuity capabilities and programs, kindly explore our industry experience
  • Partnerships and Strong References: We are a premier partner of the British standard institute (BSI) and have served the unique needs of organizations of all sizes and across industries, we invite you to explore our positive client feedback here.
  • Proven Solutions: we can meet any length of organizational resilience or business continuity requirement with our strengthened range of service offerings.
  • Expert Knowledge and Skills: Our team has a solid understanding of continuity specific regulations, industry guidelines, trends and prides itself on the ongoing enhancement of continuity and resilience solutions in line with the changing profile of global risks.
  • Multidisciplinary team: Our Business Continuity team leverages on the multi-disciplinary skills of the entire organization and offer an all-encompassing service, covering topics like organizational resilience, threat analysis, emergency response, risk intelligence, crisis communication, cyber resilience.

Benefits to your business using our approach:

Our approach leads to cost effective outcomes. We have designed our framework to be flexible, so we can tailor our approach to meet your needs. We will get to know your organisation and consider the current business continuity capabilities and business processes before making any recommendations.

  1. Effective facilities management:

Facilities are prone to diverse threats e.g. fire, robbery, insurgent attacks and so on, but using our approach proper business continuity planning, facilities can be designed for resilience.

  1. Effective Crisis communication:

You can come out stronger after a crisis hits but this depends on how you communicate with your stakeholders during a crisis, safeguarding stakeholder confidence. Our proven Crisis communication strategy includes communicating the changes to business operation, managing relatives of affected personnel, facility shut-down or updates on service limitations.

  1. Health & Safety:

We create systems to mitigate conceivable threats to staff or customers e.g. environmental hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards, security threats, medical (disease outbreak) threats, workplace violence etc.

  1. A blueprint for survival, resiliency and availability:

We prepare your organization to react quickly and decisively when the inevitable occurs.

  1. Disaster Recovery:

Our approach addresses Disaster Recovery – the effective and timely resuscitation of the heart of your enterprise. Preparing the most critical IT systems for dooms day.

  1. Knowledge Management

In many organizations, the unavailability of a one or more key staff or executives due to illness, resignation, sudden death or other causes would affect the continuity of business operations. We ensure that through knowledge management critical information can survive beyond the lifetime of any staff.

  1. Education, Awareness & Risk Reduction.

We educate your staff on prevention and coping strategies that help your organization reduce or totally avert the risks to the business.

  1. Emergency managementt: Our approach ensures that your Personnel will have access to BC Plans that ensure they know how to respond and recover from different outage scenarios. E.g. Unavailability of key staff or mass absenteeism, unavailability of site, unavailability of technology etc.
  2. Security:

Data systems are prepared to withstand hacking or electronic tampering as BC strategies can be implemented to address security, integrity and availability issues.

  1. Third Party Assurance:

Our approach provides the continuation of business in the event of a disruption to your supply chain. Resiliency checks would be done to ensure that key vendors have continuity arrangements to adequately support your business.